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The concept is simple, an approachable portable LED light. It is handy, lightweight, easily transportable, and with its rechargeable battery it can be used in almost any setting. Phare acts as a means for people to bring some light along with them.

light lamp led ligting LED portable lamp menu


A modern, minimalist design tool for everyday use. A beautiful, simple yet extremely functional calendar planner. Perfect for your wall, perfect for making plans.

calendar, wall, organizer, kal, planer


Simplicity, minimalism and functionality are represented in one chair. The correlation between design and function is essential. The sculptural silhouette gives LBEL an elegant, sleek appearance and makes the chair easily adapt to any room or space without losing its great comfort and distinctive character.

lounge chair



Manuba GDD

A set of objects showing the blacksmithing craftsmanship. The tray highlight the contrast. The smoothness, purity and simplicity of its form meets with irregular, rough structure. It’s an idea to emphasize and appreciate the work of blacksmiths, where strong, heavy movements can create a extremely plastic, even sculptural structure.

huk, kowalelosu, blacksmith, patera, świecznik, candle holder, manuba, gdyniadesigndays, kowal, rzemieślnik, craft, handmade


Ikea of Sweden

More than just keeping you on time. „When we look at clocks, we see more than just the time. Whether it’s a big wall clock in your kitchen or an alarm clock by your bed, they reflect your style and help complete your home. And getting a new clock is easy and affordable too, when […]

ikea clock wall time slipsten

BESEGRA | coming soon

Ikea of Sweden

Design with clearly defined shapes for all items, all in line with input from the IKEA team and/or supplier. All designs to be aligned according to IOS input.

ikea glass

DRÖMBILD | coming soon

Ikea of Sweden

Design with clearly defined shapes for all items, all in line with input from the IKEA team and/or supplier. All designs to be aligned according to IOS input.

ikea glass



Sitting at our desks we focus purely on productivity. We disconnect from our bodies, becoming faster, more effective and cost-efficient as our brains become detached from physical constraints. In our search for work optimisation we are leaving our bodies behind.

furniture sculpture balance stool seat



Ellipse is a collection of indoor furniture based on the same construction and mounting system. Clear, simple aesthetics and close attention to every detail is the core of its refined and exclusive design.

furniture wooden dining table



Axor Hanshrohe

Axor waterdream’s bespoke spouts created by ÉCAL students. The ‚bend’ enhances a standard tube shape by adding a single cut, bending a portion away from the main body.

faucet glass tap



The Mould Machine project was developed in close collaboration with Matteo Gonet Studio. The aim was to explore the potential benefits of fire-resistant or refractory materials when producing moulds for glass objects. The designers were thus invited to imagine prototypes for moulds and to express their intentions very clearly.

glass mould machine




A chair, results from an extensive research into the most comfortable and formally straightforward backrest and connections. Flat-packed and stackable allow this manifesto of a chair to b easilly assembled.   This project is a testimony of continuous search for most simple solutions and the reduction of excess. Nuanced in every detail.

furniture wooden dining chair



The main goal of this design was to create a versatile table with a classic character where functionality and mobility are primary concerns. Form, visually soft and light is deprived of superfluous styling to enhance the simplicity.

furniture wooden dining table